Friday, February 16, 2007

Casting Call

So, as y'all probably remember from a previous blog post, I have already "cast" Josh Holloway as the Maddox Heller, the hero of FORBIDDEN TOUCH.

And really, is there any other person to play the role of ruthless CIA agent Alexander Quinn than my beloved Kiefer?

But I'm not sure who to cast as Iris Browning.

Here's what I know about her: She's 29-30 years old, shoulder-length dark brown hair, coffee-colored eyes, a little too slender (it's a plot point, though she's not anorexic or anything like that), and pretty without being a beauty queen type. I considered someone like Summer Glau:

But she's doesn't have quite the look I'm envisioning. But she's the general type.

Anyone have any suggestions? Art Fact Sheet time is fast approaching.