Sunday, August 31, 2008

Be Prepared

If you're in Gustav's path, it's too late for this, but Tropical Storm Hanna is looming out in the Atlantic. So are some suggestions from Popular Mechanics to help you prepare to survive any natural disaster that might be heading your way.

I also posted some common sense preparedness suggestions right after Hurricane Katrina three years go here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Intrigue Authors Blog

Several interesting posts lately over on the Intrigue Authors Blog. I'll be blogging tomorrow (Saturday, 8/30) on writing the male point of view.

I don't know that I have anything exciting or innovative to add, but I have links! And song lyrics!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Intrigue Ultimate Heroes

The eHarlequin forum is sponsoring a week-long look at Harlequin Intrigues "Ultimate Heroes" promotion for September. My book COWBOY ALIBI is featured on Tuesday.

I'd love to have some readers drop by and ask questions about it. And be sure to check out the posts on other days as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My August Contest

My August contest is up and running. I'll be giving away signed copies of my second and third books, plus a gift certicate to and to Bath and Body Works. So go enter!

And don't forget, if you just can't wait until September to get your hands on COWBOY ALIBI, my September Intrigue, you can buy it now online from eHarlequin.

Monday, August 04, 2008

John Mark Stallings, RIP

John Mark Stallings, son of former University of Alabama head football coach Gene Stallings, passed away Saturday, apparently of complications from a heart defect he's had since birth.

I never met John Mark, but I did see him once during a visit to the University of Alabama campus I took several years ago with a television station that was carrying the coach's show. As a perk for their advertisers, the sales reps for that station took several of us to the campus to meet Coach Stallings and to watch a little of the varsity basketball team's practice.

This was when Wimp Sanderson was still head basketball coach at Alabama, and he was always fun to watch. That day's practice was no different. But I noticed a young man on the sidelines, carrying towels and getting along famously with the players. Even from a distance, I could see the tell-tale signs of Down Syndrome. "Coach Stalling's son," someone nearby said in response to someone else's question. It was the first I'd heard of the coach having a son with Down Syndrome.

From that point on, I paid attention to stories about Coach Stallings and his son, and learned of the young man's joy in watching the Tide play and hanging out with the players. Despite his infirmity, in some ways he lived a dream, and I'm so glad of it.

My condolences to Coach Stallings and the family.