Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where Have You Been???

I've been a complete blogging slug, haven't I? I think it's because this blog is mostly dedicated to my writing, and in recent weeks, I've been doing a lot of waiting around, waiting to hear from my editor, waiting for inspiration to strike, etc.

On the upside, I have a brand, spankin' new laptop computer to play with. It has the bells and whistles my old machine was lacking, plus it doesn't have the broken fan that keeps me from being able to use the thing for more than a half hour at a time before it overheats and shuts down.

I went with Hewlett-Packard again, because I've been pretty happy with their products. I went for lots of memory, lots of hard drive and a DVD burner as my primary criteria for what I wanted. So far, it's great. Now I have to put the dinkier laptop in the shop to get the fan fixed. When it's fixed, that becomes my mom's computer. She's been wanting one for a while, and the old laptop will give her everything she's looking for in a machine.

So, that's my life these days. Aren't you glad you asked? :)


Anonymous said...

Paula---congrats on the new laptop!
I'm shopping around for a new notebook myself. Hewlett Packard---they are pretty good, huh? How much memory and hard drive space did you end up going for? Once upon a time, I wanted to get a Sony Viao, but man---those things don't come for less than $1700!


Paula said...

1gb of memory, 100gb of hard drive space, 1.60 GHz Celeron processor plus a DVD burner, Microsoft Office Basic, Norton Internet Security, Windows XP Home edition, and wireless internet connection. It's sweeeeeet. I'm enjoying it a lot already.

It cost around $1200 for the whole thing, including a mouse, speakers and an extended warranty. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Jen said...

Yayyyyyy!!!!! Congrats on the new computer.
I have missed you. Hope the sequel to "Forbidden" is going well.