Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is Supposed to be Cold, Right?

It's the middle of December and we're having mild, sunny, 75 degree days here in Alabama. I mean, I've managed to resign myself to never seeing a white Christmas, but if it keeps up like this too much more, I'll be looking for the daffodils to start blooming soon.

Maybe that's why I'm really having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. Well, that and the fact that in my day job, I'm working on a catalog for February and March of 2007, and in my writing life, I'm working on a book set on a Caribbean island in June. And every time I tune in to the "all Christmas music" station in town, it's either a bloody commercial or it's "Jingle Bell Rock."


How are you trying to get into/stay in the holiday spirit this year? And is it working?


Tracy Montoya said...

I'm actually irritated by the warm weather here in FL right now. Christmas is supposed to be cold!

I keep buying Christmas music to get myself in the mood, but the weird warm weather makes it feel like it's not here yet....

Jill Monroe said...

We had amazing weather last week. Now it's all rain and dreariness.

Paula said...

I think I'd take rain and dreariness if it was just colder.

Although actually, the high for Christmas day here is supposed to be 49 degrees, with a 40% chance of rain. Ironically, that makes me happy as all get out.