Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So, I've Been Remiss...

...in reminding everyone that JACK IS BACK!

We just finished up hour five of 24, and boy, is America in the middle of a big mess! A suitcase nuke has gone off in Valencia, CA, and there are four more undetonated nukes somewhere in America, under the control of a terrorist mastermind named Fayed. But the only guy Fayed knew who could make the detonator work got blown up by the nuke, so now he's calling every Terrorists R Us in the world, looking for a new detonator guy. It might be a little easier to find one if he didn't have to admit that the last one got incinerated in a mushroom cloud, though.

To catch up on all the 24 action, I recommend Blogs for Bauer or Dave Barry's blog, where he liveblogs 24 every Monday night.


MaryF said...

Dave Barry's blog cracks me up!

I love the new tag line...The Power of BAUER!

And how surprised were you about the BROTHER????

Paula said...

I know! I actually yelled aloud--"It's his BROTHER!" LOL!

Jill Monroe said...

That man is too sexy!

Paula said...

I ran across A FEW GOOD MEN on TV the other night, and went, "Eh, Tom Cruise." Then they flashed to buzz-cut Kiefer on the witness stand and I squeeed. ;)

Dunno what it is about him, but he's hawwwt. ;)