Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweet TonyOnAHorse, That was a Show!

Yesterday's Days of Our Lives episode was the best the show has been in about two decades. The dueling Brady and Dimera families each had family dinners to discuss the feud situation between the families. Old friends showed up (Anna! Back in Salem!) and internecine rivalries erupted into near violence and one of the most hysterically funny faux displays of brotherly reconciliation I've ever seen.

Good soap, people. Good Soap.

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Tripp3235 said...

I really did enjoy the Dimera dinner. And watching Tony and EJ fight for Stefano's affection is really such a great and refreshing approach to your typical sibling rivalry.

This Dimera war thing is really looking to be a promising story on the show and I haven't been this interested since A Tale of Two Romans. (Which sadly greatly disappointed me.)