Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold White Stuff

It snowed yesterday. Not much, certainly not enough to stick (it was too warm for that anyway), but it was the real deal. Cold white stuff.

It wasn't enough to send Alabama into its customary snow panic--the grocery stores didn't get a sudden run on bread and milk. (Which, dude, if you're going to be snowed in for a few days, skip the bread and milk and go straight for the chocolate and doughnuts). But be prepared, Food World. There's a possibility that overnight Friday into Saturday, more of the cold white stuff could be on the way. And this time, there might actually be accumulation.

You know, I realize people north of the Mason Dixon line just don't get it. They don't know why a couple of inches of snow can shut down a major city. Of course, most of them have snow plows clearing the roads for them and lots of experience driving in icy conditions.

When you have neither, the smart thing to do is stay home. In the south, we so rarely get snow accumulations that it's more economically viable to shut down businesses for a day or two than to pay for and maintain road-clearing equipment that would get used only once every four to seven years. If that. And why waste time and energy learning to drive in conditions that rarely happen when too many people already have trouble driving in conditions that happen all the time?


Fresh Girl said...

I'm also sorts of jealous of your snow!

BTW, have you seen the promo pics of a certain dynamic duo of whom we shared a love? :)

Paula said...

I Googled these:

Are there others?


Paula said...

Found more!

Hmm...David's looking a tad rough around the edges. ;)

Jill Monroe said...

Hey, I get it. In Oklahoma, we usually get about 2 big ice storms a year. Bread/milk run - this year some residents didn't have electricity for days because all the ice on the powerlines made them snap.