Monday, February 02, 2009

Writing While Working Full Time

This is what's known as a "bleg"--begging on a blog. I'm playing around with an article for my local chapter newsletter (an article which will probably be made available to other chapters) examining the work habits of published writers who don't quit their day jobs. It's a subject close to my heart, since I work full time at a demanding day job while still trying to write two to three books a year.

So here's what I'm looking for. If you're a published author (sorry to limit it to published authors but I'm trying to focus it specifically on people who have to meet deadlines or they don't get paid), and you also work full time or worked full time during a period of time when you were also published, I'd like you to email me the answer to the following questions:

When do you find time to write?
Do you have any tricks or techniques for making the most of your limited writing time?
How do you balance your job, your family obligations and your writing time?
Have you ever thought of giving up writing because it's too much to handle?
Do you have plans to eventually write full time?
Has your day job ever suffered because of your writing?
Has your writing ever suffered because of your day job?

If you do email me, please include your latest (or upcoming) book so I can plug it in the article.

My email address is listed in my blog profile.

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P.Martin said...

I know what you mean. I juggle a full time job, home respsonsbilities and writing and I get nowhere near as much writing done as I want to do. Having read about authors and their lives, it seems to me that they begain their adult lives living work-free/bohemian existances which give them the luxery of time to allow for writing copiously and productively. I sometimes get v despondant as I think one has to live a relatively work-free life to flourish as an artist.