Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, Would You Look at That...

Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming is up on Amazon for pre-order. Order early, order often!

Here's a blurb to whet your appetite:

On the trail of the killer who murdered his wife, Wyoming cop Riley Patterson finally has the break he's been waiting for—a survivor. But while Hannah Cooper can't remember anything about her attacker, her attacker remembers her. After a second attempt on her life, Riley offers himself as Hannah's personal bodyguard. But will his growing attraction to Hannah put his case in jeopardy, especially if his best chance to catch a killer puts her directly in the crosshairs?

I actually read the whole novel, beginning to end, last week while doing my final edit of the book before it goes to press. I'm not one who enjoys re-reading my books once I've turned them in to the editor, but I have to say, I found myself sucked right into Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming again. I think it's the tormented, grieving hero who pulled me into the story. It was satisfying to see him come to life again over the course of the story as he found more to live for that just revenge and his wife's memory.

I hope y'all enjoy the story as much as I did!

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