Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, look, more pretty!

The cover for Bachelor Sheriff is up on You can click the link to the right (and order, of course) or just feast your eyes here (and still click the link and order). I'm not picky. As long as you order. :)

I'm a little confused by the torn knee in his jeans. Um, he's a sheriff's investigator, not a punk... But I did think he looks like a former football player, which Aaron is, and he's quite yummy.


Kea said...

I'll be ordering it! :-)

Gee, you've done really well with all your covers, Paula. Torn jeans notwithstanding. LOL.

Carla Swafford said...

You've been getting some good covers, girlfriend!

Paula said...

Thanks, Kea and Carla. I was just commenting on the fact to my friend Jenn yestesrday--I really have been blessed with good covers.

I think Harlequin has hired some new artists, and the benefits are showing.

EllenToo said...

Maybe he fell and tore his jeans and hasn't had time to change???? And I will definitely be ordering the book but from Harlequin not Amazon.

LindaC said...

Great cover! Can't wait for this one!