Monday, July 26, 2010

Spam Watch: 07/26/10

Every week when I come back to work on Monday, the spam filter of my office email is usually chock full of spammy goodness. Occasionally, the subject headers make me giggle. So I thought I'd share them with you.

I'm skipping all the overt Viagra spam, because, well...Viagra. Now, on to the rest...

"Life is too short to waste it thoughtlessly."

You're right. ::delete::

"was a loud bang and a dreadful shriek, and then all was still"

Oh, low blow. That's catnip to a suspense writer...must be strong... ::delete::


Goodbye. ::delete::

"57% off. Famous Watches."

Famous? What did those watches do to become famous? Is it tabloid famous or real famous? Eh, I have a $20 watch I love. When it wears out, I'll get another $20 watch exactly like it. ::delete::

"lprs n8r"

C U L8tr. ::delete::

"Give your partner a one-way ticket to ecstasy-land."

One way? ONE WAY? That'd be unwieldy... ::delete:::



"66% off High-end Watches"

Better deal than the famous ones, I guess. But is famous better than high-end? Eh, $20 watch I love. ::delete::

"Earn more for a superior life. adamite agronomics albuminolysis"

Step slowly back from the dictionary and nobody gets hurt... ::delete::

"Your Order"

Came about a week ago. Thanks. ::delete::

So, there's Spam Watch for today. Did anybody get any interesting spam over the weekend?


Kea said...

Those are good!

Most of the spam messages I get are for uh, male enlargement, Viagra, jewelry (those watches), and low-cost drugs. I really don't even pay attention, just quickly scan through to ensure legit email isn't in the spam folder, which sometimes happens.

I do get emails from various Canadian "banks," with whom I have no account. And they're always about account verification of some such. Who falls for that?

What boggles my mind is that spammers obviously sucker enough people to keep on, well, spamming. If they didn't get sufficient response to make it worthwhile, they wouldn't do it, right?

Doesn't say much for the average human's level of common sense!

EllenToo said...

Your spam sounds a lot like the ones I get except every once in a while I get one from myself!!!!!!