Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Blog Schedule for August - Updated 8/5/10

I promised a few days ago that I'd be posting my blog schedule for the month of August. Here it is:

8/6/10 - Writerspace Blog
Update: My topic is U.S. Marines. Mmmm.

8/10/10 - One Tough Marine in stores

8/10/10 - Launch Party on Spinsters & Lunatics
Be sure to show up for this one. I'll be giving away prizes, answering all your questions about the upcoming books (well, except spoilery ones) and discussing what's in store for the final (sob!) three Cooper Justice books if you're interested in hearing about those.

8/11/10 - Petit Fours and Hot Tamales

8/15/10 - Romance Magicians Blog

8/16/10 - Pink Heart Society Blog

8/18/10 - Intrigue Authors Blog

8/20/10 - Tawny Weber's Blog
Just turned this one in, so I know what it's about. It's called Quick Six, and it's a set of either/or questions. Sort of like "Paper or plastic?" only more fun. And at the end, I ask YOU to answer an either/or question. Commenters automatically qualify to win a couple of my backlist books, so if you're missing any, this could be a good time to comment, as I'll let you pick your choice of my backlist.

8/26/10 - Intrigue Authors Blog

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