Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Official: I'm on Contract Again!

I teased this information a little bit on Facebook, but now it's for real: I'm under contract with Harlequin again, and boy is this one a doozy!

Six books, in a brand spanking (only, not really) new series. Tentatively called Cooper Security, the series revolved around three brothers and three sisters—cousins of the Cooper Justice clan of Coopers—who run a high-octane security agency. The first story, which is nearly written, features Rick Cooper, whom you'll meet near the end of my June 2011 book, Cooper Vengeance.

Rick used to work for MacLear, the disgraced security company that caused a whole boatload of trouble for Luke and Abby in 2010's One Tough Marine. Though Rick worked for the legitimate side of the company, he's found it hard to outrun the taint of MacLear. Now working at Cooper Security for his older brother Jesse, with whom Rick has a contentious relationship, Rick heads north to Tennessee on what he thinks will be a pretty average initial meeting with a client. But it turns into an explosive encounter with the woman he lost—but never forgot—and a life-or-death race for their lives.

Each of the Cooper cousins will have a story of his or her own. Here's the current schedule for their releases—all these titles are working titles and will probably change:

March 2012 - Ricochet Reunion (Rick Cooper)
April 2012 - Undercover Seduction (Isabel Cooper)
May 2012 - Cooper Conspiracy (Megan Cooper)
August 2012 - Nightshade Island (Shannon Cooper)
September 2012 - Cooper Under Siege (Wade Cooper)
October 2012 - Cooper Ransom (Jesse Cooper)

Yes, that's six books in one year. Which, I'm pretty sure, qualifies me as a masochist.

I also have an iron in the fire for a seventh book in 2012—a novella in a Christmas anthology set in Texas. I'll tell you more about that when it's under contract as well. (It's looking very good).


Linda Henderson said...

Congratulations, I can't wait to read them.

David Balentine said...

Way to go Paula!

Yes, I believe you are qualified. :)

Kea said...

Wow, congratulations!

But *6* books in one year? Oooh, boy! LOL!

EllenToo said...

WOW you are really going to be busy writing. I am really going to be looking forward to this new series!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

YAY! I love the Coopers :-)

Paula said...

Thanks, y'all! I've now finished the first draft of the first book--wrote it in just over a month. I'm shooting for a book in a month for each of these books so that I have time to review them and edit them before they're due. Also, so I can have some downtime.

LindaC said...

This is fabulous. I can't wait to read them! You're going to be so busy! You can do it!!