Sunday, April 24, 2011

Major Nanny Now Available for Preorder

My October book, Major Nanny, is now available for preorder on

So hop to it!

Major Nanny is part of the Daddy Corps continuity, but it should work fine as a stand-alone, so feel free to buy it even if you're not reading the other books.

But I've gotta say, you should be reading the others, because the authors are some of Intrigue's best!

Here's the line-up:

April - GI Cowboy by Delores Fossen
May - Baby Bootcamp by Mallory Kane
June - Cowboy Brigade by Elle James
October - Major Nanny by Paula Graves
November - Camouflage Cowboy by Jan Hambright

There's also a book in December, but I don't know what the title is. I'll update when I get it.

I just finished the final edits on Major Nanny this weekend, and I've got to say, I really think y'all will enjoy it. There's plenty of action, romance and intrigue to go around.


Phoenix62 said...


Looking forward to another stellar read from you.

Paula said...

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it. It was strange working with characters who already existed in someone else's mind. (For continuity books, they give you a story bible listing the characters and a little about them. You go from there in creating the characters and story).

But I think I ended up making Stacy and Harlan my own, and hopefully, you'll enjoy getting to know them as well.