Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Murder on Lovers' Lane

Lee Brody is the magician, pulling vital connections in vexing crime cases out of thin air. Stella Hannigan is the logician, honing Brody's flights of fancy into solid, actionable leads they can follow to solve murders and get convictions. Together, they're the best homicide detective team the Weatherford Police Department has to offer.

But it'll take all their skill and know-how to solve their latest case. A serial killer murdering young couples in the city's most popular make-out spots sends the police partners deep into the mind of a sexual obsessive—and deeper into their own sexually tense relationship than either of them dreamed they would go....


As you can see, I've finally put up my self-published novella. There will be more Brody & Hannigan Mysteries in novella form coming in 2012. Eventually, I may write full-length Brody & Hannigan mysteries if there's enough interest in them.

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There's a reason I'm asking for reviews. Some of the bigger ebook recommendation sites won't even consider letting you promote your ebooks on their sites unless you have a certain number of positive reviews on your book. None of my ebooks (and frankly, not a whole lot of my Intrigues) qualify because I lack reviews. So if you have an account, please consider dropping a review for my books on their pages.

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GayleC said...

Just downloaded it. I don't want to know much going in so I skimmed the description. Super excited though it sounds great.

Paula said...

Thanks, Gayle! I hope you enjoy it

Jeff Rivera said...

Seems a thriller. I will check it out

Tracy Mitchell said...

I just finished the two books for Brody and Hannigan! I love these books! I really would love to see more of these two! I love the witty comments between the two and would really like to see where these two go from here:) Please tell me there will be more in the near future??