Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cover for May book!

I've actually had this cover for a while, but I'm under a wicked deadline (and just got line edits for my August book, which will be due any time now). Anyway, here's the cover for SECRET AGENDA. I kind of hate that they didn't put the heroine on the cover, as she's a fiesty redhead with loads of attitude, and I'd have liked to see how they portrayed that.

Instead, we get sexy former Pentagon lawyer Evan Pike on the cover. Can't say I've got any complaints about that!

One thing I'm not that happy about, though is the back cover copy:

He'd faced down danger multiple times, but now Pentagon liaison Evan Pike had to deal with the ultimate confrontation. Telling Megan Randall that her late husband had been murdered by his own government was difficult. Keeping their association strictly about business, however, was proving impossible. Especially once Megan's life was put in jeopardy.

On the run with a stranger, Megan wondered how her quiet life had changed so drastically. Having Evan as her protector was comforting and she knew he'd do anything to keep her alive. But he was also a man who had her questioning her belief that she'd never love again. And that was even more dangerous....

See, the problem with that blurb is that it makes Megan sound like some innocent flower of a widow whose life was quiet and event-free before Evan blew into her life, when in fact, Megan works as a security agency operative and is far more at home carrying a weapon than Evan the lawyer is. She's strong, feisty and utterly capable of taking care of herself, and for a fair amount of the book, she's keeping Evan out of trouble.

So I hope the blurb doesn't turn off readers looking for a kick-butt heroine.


GladysMP said...

Enjoyed the blog. Sorry you are disappointed in the back cover.

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