Saturday, June 04, 2005

Memorial Garden Update

In a previous post, I mentioned the seeds I found in the freezer that my father had put there years ago, back when he was gardening regularly. I planted them a few days ago. Since then, it's rained daily and the temperatures have been warm but not scorching. You'd think that would be good for little seeds to sprout, wouldn't you?

But as of this morning, nothing was happening in my little seed cups.

As of this afternoon, however, the Atkinson tomatoes and the Tommy Toes were sprouting. I darned near cried.

The eggplant, green pepper and squash seeds haven't sprouted. They may not. I don't much care one way or the other about them—they were store bought packets my father stored away and don't have any real meaning for me other than their potential as food. :)

The seeds for the tomatoes, however, my father harvested, dried and stored away himself, from his existing plants. They were part of him in a way that the store-bought packets could never be. So when I saw the sprouts this afternoon, it almost felt like a smile from my father.

I hope they make it to maturity!

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