Thursday, June 30, 2005

Owie Ow Ow Ow

Threw out my back on my birthday. Sadly, I don't have a really cool reason for it, like I was lifting a tree off a hapless logger or anything like that. I was...walking. Yup, just plain walking. Turning the corner around the kitchen breakfast bar when I felt something sort of pop and excruciating pain shot down both legs. I cussed like a sailor until I could grope my way to a chair to sit down. Only now, two days later, am I finally able to find a position where I'm not in pain. It only hurts when I turn or bend the wrong way (and boy, then it REALLY hurts).

I have a history of pinched nerves in my lower back/hip area, so it wasn't a big surprise or anything. But really--on my birthday AND during the first full week of vacation I've taken in years?

Not fair.

It's also wreaked havoc on my writing plans for this week, sadly. I did manage to write four new pages today on my WIP, but I'm way behind where I'd planned to be by now. Thank goodness I'm not on any sort of deadline.

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