Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mom Update

My mother's endoscopy successfully removed the remaining gallstone and she's back in her hospital room, awake and relatively alert. Barring complications, she's on track to be home from the hospital tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who kept my mom in your thoughts and prayers.

Update to the update:

Well, it's going to be Friday before my mom comes home. She failed her first solid food test this morning (promptly threw up), so they want to let her have the rest of today to get her stomach used to eating again. However, other than that, she's doing well, and when she's not drugged up on the anti-pain/anti-nausea stuff, she sounds more and more like her old self.


Jill Monroe said...

Will do. So, did she get to keep her gallbladder? It sounds like it. They took my out endoscopicly - a result of too much morning sickness during pregnancy. Ugh.

Paula said...

No, they took her gallbladder on Tuesday, then went back in with the endoscope to get a stone that had already passed into her bile duct before the gall bladder removal.

I had the same thing happen to me back in 1992 when I had my gall bladder removed--a stone passing before the removal--only they didn't find the stone during the surgery like they did with my mom, and so I had another pancreatitis attack about six days after surgery and had to go back into the hospital for three days to get over that. They did the scope to see if they could find the stone, but apparently it had already passed through the system.

Nothing quite like throwing up constantly while you have a surgical drain and healing incisions. ::sigh::

MaryF said...

Poor mom!!!! Hugs to you both!