Monday, October 17, 2005

That'n Makes Me Cry

Stealing shamelessly from Mary at The Bandwagon, who linked to this jewel of an anecdote.

It takes a lot to make me cry. That story did it--and in such a good way.

My hero is a heroine--my mother, who withstood my oh-so-pragmatic father's attempts to squelch my dreams of being a writer and never lost faith in my talents and my drive. She's the one who tirelessly took my contest entries to the post office over the past couple of years because the hours at our little local post office clashed with my work hours. The postal clerks know her by name! And she was the first person I tried to call when I found out I sold.

Who's your writing hero?

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MaryF said...

My grandmother was my biggest supporter. My first book will someday be dedicated to her. She read everything I ever wrote, even offered to give me the $$ to self publish.

Now it's my dh who gives up family vacations so I can go to RWA, who tells everyone I have an agent, and who takes me out to dinner for good writing news and bad writing news.