Friday, September 22, 2006

Out of the Habit

It's really easy to get out of the writing habit. Usually having to stop and work on a synopsis/proposal is one of the worst habit-breakers for me. I have to stop thinking about what's happening inch by inch in my story and look at the bigger picture. Plus there's the whole struggling with the sucknopsis thing. :::shudder:::

Right now, I'm giving myself to the end of September to be lazy. It was when my deadline was, anyway, and since I beat the deadline, I'm allowing myself a little luxury. I'm going to read my friend Gayle Wilson's new Mira book, THE INQUISITOR, and I'm going to make cheesy Steve and Kayla music videos now that I've discovered how to use Windows Movie Maker. But October first, I'm buckling down and finishing the last three chapters of DEADLY ILLUSION and then I'm going to start putting together a three-book proposal for my series idea.

Really. I swear.


Jennifer McK said...

How funny! I was just blogging about deadlines.
Glad you came in under the wire.
I'll be first in line for the sequel to "Forbidden Territory".
Have a great time being lazy.

Marianne Arkins said...

I can't stop writing regularly, because inevitably, one week becomes two, becomes a month and so on....

I can't wait until the next book comes out!! I'm so excited for you -- but more excited for me, cuz I get some good reading to look forward to.

Tracy Montoya said...

You beat your deadline? I'm seething with envy. Seething.

Tracy (with a week to go and way too much book to write)