Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where Did the Summer Go?

It's already fall. Can you believe it? I love fall--probably my favorite season, especially here in the South where summer is too darned hot, winter is boring, and spring makes me sneeze my head off. But I just wasn't really ready for fall to arrive quite this soon!

I haven't watched any Alabama football to speak of. Of course, from what I hear, I haven't missed much. I've even missed an episode of the new season of HOUSE because I forgot it was on. Over the summer, I stopped watching much television at all, and I've been sluggish to get back in the habit. I guess that's probably a good thing, overall, but I do love HOUSE and don't want to miss any episodes.

Beginning this Sunday, I have to start writing again. Oh, joy. Actually, I am looking forward to getting back to a daily writing regimen. I enjoyed the time off but I don't want to lose the muse. That said, I have a feeling the final three chapters of DEADLY ILLUSION are going to be a bugger to write.

So--has fall sneaked up on anyone else besides me?


Mindy Swanson said...

HI!! I have never posted on your site before! I emailed you once and you gave me this link so now I check in A LOT!! I am so excited for you next book. I wish we knew the release date!!

I don't miss HOUSE or BONES. Have you seen BONES? I like the writing in that one too. Give it a try if you haven't already!

Fall always sneaks up on me! I live in California, so it's not that I dread fall because "bad" weather is on it's way's the thought that Christmas is right around the corner (and not to mention a couple bdays in between) and I don't want to have to start Christmas shopping!!!

Good luck on your last few chapters! I'm not a writer and until I started reading your blogs, didn't really know how hard it is to write. When I (and probably the average person) read a book., I think it must ust "flow easily" from beginning to end. I've heard of "writers block" but, I thought you'd have an idea, the whole idea, and just write it all!! I will appreciate all of the books I read so much more now!!! :)

Take care,

Paula said...

Hi, Mindy!

Yeah, writing seems like it should be easy, right? Hah! :)

I think coming up with strong internal as well as external conflicts for your story is one of the hardest--but most important--things a write has to do to make a story work. If you don't have something keeping the characters from achieving their goals, whether it's to win a prize, solve a crime, or fall in love and commit to a lifetime together, then your story is going to be boring and incoherent.

Morgan said...

I hope I'm not too out of line in asking this, but on your website you said you wrote fan fiction, you wouldn't happened to have written any X-Files fan fiction. There was a series "Twelve Degrees of Separation" written by a Paula Graves. Is that you?

Paula said...

Morgan, e-mail me and I'll tell you what I know about that. My e-mail is on my website.