Monday, August 06, 2007

Consider This a Public Service

If you own a Sony RDR-GX330 DVD recorder, and plan to attach it to your cable box and your TV for recording and viewing pleasure, please do not follow the directions in the manual. Also, do not follow the directions shown on the Sony support site, either. Because neither actually, y'know, works.

Here's what you need:

2 coaxial cables
1 audio/visual cable (the one with the yellow, red and white prongs)

Hook the coaxial cable from the wall into the cable box. Then, take one of your two loose coaxial cables and run it from the "out" area of the cable box to the "in" area of the DVD recorder. Take the second coaxial cable and run it from the "out" part of the DVD recorder to the only coaxial cable port on the TV.

Second, take your audio visual cable and hook it from the "out" area of the DVD recorder (do not hook it to the "in" area, even though the way that it's set up would make that seem the more likely place to put the cords). Hook the other ends in the "in" part of the Television's audio/visual ports. Match the colors, of course.

Your DVD recorder should now work.

You'll thank me for this if you ever buy one.


Henry DeVries said...

You are a life saver. Life was good until we got a new cable box and the cable guy offered to help me fix the set up my off to college son had figured out. I have an advanced degree. I spent three hours trying to make this work following the manual and other instructions. Your insructions solved the problem in a couple of minutes. You may have saved my marriage.
Thanks from Henry in Oceanside

Paula said...

I'm so glad it helped someone! I'm really not the most technically savvy person in the world, but as I live in a household of females (three adults, two children) and I'm the most technically savvy of the adults, it's sort of left to me to be the electronics guru. So when I learn something of use, I like to share it.

I'm a giver. ;)