Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Little Book Business

In case you've been looking for new copies of Forbidden Temptation and haven't been able to find any, both Barnes and Noble and have copies available now.

You know, I've bought used books plenty of times, even sometimes when I could find a new copy. But I don't do that anymore, not since I've been on this end of the story and realized how little a percentage writers make from the books they sell. You can live with that if you're Nora Roberts and selling millions of books, but if you're writing category, and you have a limited print run and a very limited on-shelf time period to begin with, every little percentage of that $4.99 helps. And when people buy my books used, or borrow them from friends or hand them off to friends, that's money I don't get to see for the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears I put into my writing.

So, if you can, please buy new.

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

Me too. As an author, I try and buy new AND as an ebook author, I buy from the publisher. (Higher percentage to the author)
I hear you. And I've bought ALL your books new.