Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's been a long time since Alabama has so completely dominated a top-ten team the way they're currently handing Georgia their backsides in a basket.

It's unfair of you to keep showing me the sad, shell-shocked Georgia fans in their pretty black clothes every time Alabama scores. (Which happens to be just about every time they touch the ball).

Please stop killin' my buzz. Thank you.


Georgia score its first points---a field goal on their first drive of the second half. And Alabama kicks their first punt of the night at 9:30 in the third quarter.


Georgia just scored again. The good news? The third quarter is nearly over and they're still down by 21. The bad news? There's a whole other quarter to go.

If Bama scores, it'll take the air out of their sails and make it a lot harder to come back in the fourth quarter. But that's a big if, and Georgia didn't get to be #3 without knowing how to come back.

At least Bama has good field position after their kick-off.


Okay, it's getting scary now. 92 yard punt return. Alabama 31, Georgia 17.


Okay, a little breathing room. Alabama scored a field goal after a nice, longish drive. Alabama 34, Georgia 17. About 9:45 go to in the game.


Clutch, baby. Alabama 41, Georgia 17. 4:15 to go in the game.


Georgia scores but can't make the two point conversion. Alabama 41, Georgia 23. 3:00 to go.


Eeek! Georgia recovers the onside kick. Nails back to nubs.


Georgia scores again, but it took them over a minute to do it, thanks to Alabama playing against the long play and forcing them to drive in short plays. Alabama 41, Georgia 30. They fail to get the onside kick this time. No time outs left for Georgia, so we just have to hit the knee a couple of times and it's over.


Alabama wins, 41-30. Roll Tide!

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