Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shameless Plea

My page for COWBOY ALIBI is woefully lacking in reviews. I could use some, especially if you liked the book, but I'm a big girl. I can take a low rating, too.

So, if you've read COWBOY ALIBI, and you can post reviews at, I'd really appreciate a review. For that matter, if you've read FORBIDDEN TOUCH or one of my other books, I wouldn't mind seeing a review there, either. Remember, I don't care what you rate it. I just want to hear what you think about the book. It helps me gauge what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

(You can also leave comments here, too, you know).


Crystal-Rain Love said...

The thing with Amazon is you have to have recently purchased something from there within a certain timeframe to leave a review. I haven't, so I can't leave a review. I read your very first book (Don't know if you'd remember but I hung on the subcare board over at eHarlequin during all that time when you were waiting...waiting...and finally got the contract! LOL! I go by "AuthorRain" over there) I LOVED it. I can't recall one thing about it that I didn't like. I feel for you, though. I haven't got a single review on my book either. )-: It sucks. And it makes you worry. Alot. (But you don't need to, cuz you're awesome!)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

OMG!!! You're my good luck charm! I literally just got an email from my publisher, letting me know I just got an awesome review with a review site!
Hey, I love cowboys and I guess just once I can buy from Amazon... (-: so I can leave you a review there. Just give me some time to get through the book since I'm doing NaNoWriMo too. I already know it'll be a good review because I love your "voice".

Paula said...

Thank you, Crystal-Rain. I hope you'll let me know what you think of the book, even if you can't get it to post on

Angela said...

I just finished reading it and I'm going to Barnes and to give it the first review. I loved it and I will also do a post about it on my blog this week. Thanks for sending me a copy!