Saturday, March 06, 2010

Romance Magicians Blogiversary - free prizes!

Be sure to drop by the Romance Magicians blog—we're celebrating our 4th "blogiversary" a few days early. Carla Swafford will be giving away on-line gift cards to Books-a-Million, and bestselling romantic suspense author Christy Reece and I have donated books to be given away. Everyone will have a chance to win starting March 6. All you have to do is comment!

So tell your friends (both writers and readers) and let them know to come by the blog and comment on March 6 and 7.


Jemi Fraser said...

I hadn't been to this blog before - thanks for the link :)

Finished Cowboy Alibi - great read, Paula! Lots of tension and twists and turns. I really enjoyed it!

Paula said...

Romance Magicians is actually a great blog--it's my local RWA chapter's group blog, and I hadn't been posting there nearly as much as I should have, until I figured out thanks to the Blog Days of Christmas and my subsequent book blog tour that I could keep up with that pace. I'm going to blog there more often now, about once a month.

And yay, so glad you liked Cowboy Alibi! It was my first "on the run" book and I had a great time writing it. It was the book that my editor talked me into writing. she sent me an email telling me she had a slot open in September for the Ultimate Intrigue Heroes promotion.

I was thrilled, until she added, "We're looking for a cowboy hero. Like to try one?"

Gulp. Cowboy? My only trips west of the Mississippi have been to Los Angeles and Denver, and neither time did I get anywhere near a ranch. A cowboy was about the only kind of hero I had pretty much concluded I wouldn't be writing. ;)

But I sucked it up, came up with a story where the hero was sort of a cowboy. Kinda. And Joe Garrison was born.