Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Die, SPAM, Die!

I've been getting some SPAM in my comments, so henceforward, I'm using a word verification system (where you have to retype a given word to prove that you're a human and not a spambot) to kill off some of the SPAM. We'll see how it goes. I know it's a hassle, but I hope it won't stop people from commenting. If it does, I may go back to the open system and just delete the SPAM as it pops up.


Shesawriter said...


I put one on my blog too for the same reason. These people are idiots. They don't realize that all they're doing is annoying everyone.


Penny Potter said...

I enjoy reading your blog. What would you do without those kitties of yours?? I have 8 Scottish folds.. I was actually wondering though, whats going on with your tomatoes?? pen~

Paula said...

Ah, my tomatoes. The Atkinson tomato plants are huge and finally putting out tomatoes, although most of them are smaller than golf balls at the moment. They weathered Katrina just fine, though there was enough wind around here as she blew through central Alabama to knock over trees and break limbs.

The squash plant, alas, didn't make it. It got some sort of fuzzy rot and I had to pull it up before it infected anything else. And I'm not too hopeful about the eggplant--its little buds and fruit keep wilting and falling off before they get fully formed.

But we pulled our first bell pepper today, and there are several more little peppers forming. So overall, I'm pretty pleased with my attempt to grow plants from my decade old frozen seeds.