Sunday, January 29, 2006


My proposal is packaged up, ready to go in the mail to my editor tomorrow. I'm going to have to get right back on writing the rest of the book soon, but working up the synopsis for the proposal helped me outline the rest of the book, so hopefully it'll go faster now.

To celebrate reaching my goal of having the proposal ready to go before the end of January, I treated myself to the Battlestar Galactica miniseries and first two episodes on DVD. My critique partner and former best friend Jenn talked me into giving the series a try, the evil wench. I can see why she likes it so much, but did I really need another television show to obsess over, I ask you? Did I? Some friend she is!

Off to watch episode 3...


sybil said...

Good luck with the proposal!

I recall you posting about getting a book deal and for some reason thought it was coming out in Jan.

Not much of a Harlequin Intrigue reader but I plan to try yours. LOL of course you are prolly sitting there wondering who in the hell I am ;).

When do you get your bookcover?

Paula said...

I think I'm supposed to get my bookcover within the next two or three weeks. Usually you get to see the cover about three months out, and that would be about right.

I'm on pins and needles. It could be great or it could be lousy. I think I'd rather it be one or the other rather than just "okay," though, you know?

And thanks for at least trying to read my book--LOL! I know what you mean, though. I've bought books from a lot of my friends and chaptermates that weren't my kind of book--historicals or the super-sexy books--but sometimes even those surprised me. I ended up loving my friend Gayle Wilson's historicals, a genre I don't normally read.


sybil said...

I am a historical girl myself with a large dash of paranormal. But I am branching out into contemp's I think I have one HI tbr, jo leigh maybe? So you will be my second ;).