Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm giving away a copy of my first two books plus a $20 gift certificate to some lovely random person who comments on this thread. Here's all you have to do:

I'm working on an idea for my next book. I need a name for my heroine. Here's a loose description of her:

Age - 28-30
Sandy brown hair, gray eyes
Cynical, distant, emotionally closed-off, she is a brilliant theoretician in the use of occupational therapy for mentally ill patients. Her master's thesis on game therapy for schizophrenics caught the attention of a mental health think tank that put her in charge of a halfway house for transitioning mentally ill patients into society. The halfway house is connected to a mental hospital.

The hero's name, if it helps to know that, is Riley Patterson. He's a Wyoming policeman, a cowboy at heart, and a widower whose wife worked at the mental hospital in question until she was murdered. The murder has never been solved. Until this book, that is.

So--between now and New Year's Eve, I'm taking name suggestions in the comments. First and/or last. The drawing for the winner will be random, but if any of you come up with the name I eventually decide to use for the heroine, I'll also put your name in the same book as a secondary character. Sound like fun?

So--let's get to the suggestions!


Paul said...

Ooo, I'll play!

Rachel Rutherford.

kim said...

Cynthia Noble

KimW said...

Here's my suggestions:

Madelynne (Maddi) Ramos

Shanna Cassady

Kristina Deforge

Abbigale (Abby) Roth

Daniella (Danni) Carlton or Davi

Kendall North

Shayla Norcross

Yvette Taylor

or any combination of the above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

Compliments of the season. I'm going to go with Miranda Eckles.



Scott C. said...

Hey Paula,

Long, long, LONG time no see (or anything)! Glad to see your writing career is going so well. I know how much you wanted this and worked for it, so congratulations.

I'll play your game, too. This name just stuck in my head as I read the description:

Linda Stetson (or Steadman).

Dunno if you remember me or not (10+ years feels like a lifetime), but keep up the good work. Take care!

Eilis Flynn said...

Mireille Matthews. Daria Phillips. Jana Edmonds!

Ellen said...

Rebecca Rothman

Alyson Hunter

Just decided to leave you two ideas.

Paul said...

If'n we're allowed to make more than one suggestion, I'll toss a few more into the kitty:

Carey Powell
Farrah Shallal
Alison Peyton
Catherine McPherson
Ophelia Masterson

deb said...

Melanie Carsen

Tracey Williams

Amanda-Lynn Morrow

Ana Luisa said...

Sandra Olivera
Jennifer Benoit
Camila Dupre
Denise Reeves

Anonymous said...

April O'Hara
Hallie McDougal
Hayley Emerson
June Cantrell
Marjorie Bauer
Theresa Wyzlic
Eva McClure
Jessica Rassmussen