Sunday, December 16, 2007

'Tis Better to Give

Charity is an important part of the Christmas season, so I thought I'd share a list of charitable organizations that do good work all year long and would be worthy choices if you're in a giving mood this holiday season.

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

Jimmie Hale Mission/Jessie's Place

Big Oak Ranch

Catholic Relief Services

Episcopal Charities

Network for Good - a clearing house of charitable organizations

North American Mission Board (Southern Baptist)

International Mission Board (Southern Baptist)

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Of course, do your own research on these organizations, and others, before you give. I can personally vouch for some of them--Jimmie Hale Mission/Jessie's Place, North American and International Mission Boards, and Big Oak Ranch. I think most people also trust the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. But do your own research and find a worthy organization to share with this Christmas season if you can. Many times, there are local charities in your city, state or country that can use the extra money at Christmas and, really, all year 'round.

Also, be sure to check the previous post--I've added some new videos at the end that should not be missed. (Hat tip, lksa)

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Walk with Brandy said...

I'm a Heifer girl myself. Okay, that seriously sounded wrong. But when I give I tend to give to Habitat, Red Cross or Heifer.