Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

My niece got an animatronic FurReal™ Butterscotch pony. It's twitching its tail and winking at me. And it nickers.

I. Am. In. Hell.


JOYE said...

I can just imagine.
I can remember when my husband thought my son needed a drum set for Christmas. Believe me, age 5 and a drum set -whew. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day.
I enjoy reading your books

Paula said...

Thanks, Joye!

I have an irrational fear of animatronic stuff, going back to an unfortunate Chuck E. Cheese experience. They creep me out.

BTW, didn't you win my comment of the day on the Intrigue Authors website? My mail to you kept bouncing back. Anyway, you won a book. ;) I can either send you one of my first two books, if you haven't read them already, or if you'd like to wait, I can send you a copy of book three once I get my comp books, which should be sometime in January.

Just let me know by email, which you can find on my website - www.paulagraves.com.

KimW said...

Hello Paula! Coming in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope you are surviving the day. My family and I celebrated over the weekend so I'm just being lazy today and catching up on email and reading blogs. Look forward to your new books next year. I hope the new year is a great one for you and the writing comes easy so you have some time to have party.

MaryF said...


My son got a mandolin. He doesn't know how to play it.

That doesn't stop him.

Merry Christmas, Paula!

C. Gwynn said...

Paula, I saw Butterscotch at Wal-Mart and Sam's before Christmas. I agree it can become an annoying horse.

Paula said...

Mary F., I love mandolin music. I actually had a mandolin at one time in my distant past. I have no idea what happened to it. I'm a half-arsed musician--I can figure out how to play almost any instrument, enough that you'd recognize what I'm playing but not well-enough that you'd want to actually listen to it. ;)

Does your d.s. like "newgrass" music like Nickel Creek? Chris Thile is really good on the mandolin.

C. Gwynn, if it were just annoying, I could deal. But I'm afraid of animatronic stuff like some people are of clowns. I guess it's my writer's mind. Some people see animatronic stuff and think, "Hey, how cool that it can move and talk on its own!" I think, "Oh my God, it's going to kill me in my sleep!" ;)

Thanks, KimW. Have a great New Year!

MaryF said...

My son loves Arcade Fire, which is why he wanted the mandolin. That band has the oddest conglomeration of instruments....

How neat that you had a mandolin, though!