Sunday, July 09, 2006

Conference Info, Plus Some This and Some That

Southern Magic will be hosting a reader's luncheon in November. The keynote speaker is fan favorite Teresa Medeiros. Check out the post over on Romance Magicians for more details.

Still haven't caught up on my sleep, but I have worked through a twisted mess with my WIP. I needed to spread the scenes out over a longer period of time than I'd originally planned, and some of the scenes had to be reshuffled and put in a different order. I've ditched my new idea to kill of a character I liked, but I've decided to kill off a different character than I originally planned to kill off, so that's still a change. And the romance is making a much bigger impact in my WIP than my first drafts normally do—I think it's because I adore the hero in this one and can't imagine any woman being able to resist him for long. :)

Finally, just a reminder that while FORBIDDEN TERRITORY is no longer in most book stores, it's still available on and other online bookstores. Wouldn't it make a lovely birthday gift or Christmas gift? Hey—it's a spooky story, you could even buy it for Halloween.

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Carla Swafford said...

I got it and loved it. The twists and turns were unexpected -- and that's saying a lot for me. I usually can figure out what books and movies are going to do next. BTW, Paula, I hope to see you at a meeting soon. I'll put my book in my bag, so when you can come, you can sign it. ::g::