Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Little Whine with that Cheese?

:: whine ::

My laptop is dying. Actually, I think the fan that cools the thing has stopped working, which means that I'm trying to limp along, running it for thirty minutes at a time (so it doesn't overheat) while I desperately burn essential files to CD, until I feel comfortable handing the baby over to someone to see if it can be salvaged.

It also means that I've suffered the cruel fate of being forced back downstairs to the dank, chilly basement den to work on my WIP. And this is my vacation, darn it! I was supposed to be able to lounge on my sofa, typing away on my trusty laptop all week. Not sit here in this uncomfortable desk chair, wearing a sweater in the middle of the freakin' summer, trying to carve a hole in the middle of my WIP because I realized I had enough stuff happening in the first day of my manuscript's timeline to fill a season of 24.

:: /whine ::


MaryF said...

Dude - Alphasmart. Only about $200, I think.

Paula said...

You know, I have several friends who love their Alphasmarts, but one of them showed theirs to me at a chapter meeting, and I knew I could never write on one. I have to have access to every part of my book to write, not just snippets. It would drive me slap crazy if I didn't.

MaryF said...

LOL - you know, I bought mine 3 years ago, but this summer is the first time I really used it.

Maybe look on eBay for a used laptop? That's how we got our first.

mary beth said...

hugs. I hope you can salvage the laptop.

Paula said...

I'm managing to get my pages in on my desktop computer, and on the upside, all the gratuitous Steve and Kayla clip viewing gave me a killer idea for upping the emotional and plot-related ante for both my hero and heroine, so I guess this wasn't a completely wasted vacation. ;)

Dixie Belle said...

You can replace the cooling fan. Is it the fan on the back of the laptop? I have a Dell Inspiron and the fan went out. So I had it replaced. I bought the fan off Ebay and my son put it in. I don't know if laptops have a cpu fan or not. But those are easy to replace in regular computers. Just search for cooling fans for your brand of computer on Ebay and see what you come up with.