Friday, July 28, 2006

They Held an RWA Conference in Atlanta...

...and I didn't get to go. Man, is it quiet around the romance writing side of the cybersphere or what?

All this downtime should be giving me the opportunity to finish up DEADLY ILLUSION. I'm on page 228 out of a projected 270, and I'm heading into the home stretch. But I still don't know how it's going to end! Yikes. And a variety of distractions (family stuff, recreational stuff, etc.) are conspiring to steal my focus away from the story.

One of the distractions involves a couple of feral kittens at my vet's office. Feral kittens don't fare well in the adoption market because of their behavior and they often end up euthanized. I have experience taming feral kittens, and I can't bear the thought of two little kittens getting killed just because nobody wanted to mess with them. But my mom is adamant—no more cats until the ones we have die off. I can't blame her—we have seven cats and have had as many as 12 at one time. However, I think I could handle fostering these kittens, taming them and then giving them back up to be adopted. I'm looking into the possibility.

So, did anyone else around here have to skip the RWA conference? Come commiserate with me.

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Jen said...

Commiserating with you, Paula. I didn't go either. I've been spending time on Romance Divas and IM with Dayna Hart. It has made me work a lot harder on my ms.