Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Demise of Bombshell

After January 2007, Silhouette Bombshells will no longer be published.

I'm not a Bombshell author, but I know several, and I can't imagine how hard this news must be hitting them. It's emotionally wrenching as well as a financial set-back for many of them. I'm hoping that several pending authors will be able to transfer their stories to other lines, or maybe sell them as longer, single title books or series.

I also hope that this change opens doors in the suspense lines (IM and Intrigue) allowing for stronger, more action-oriented heroines and plotlines.

I've not been a Bombshell reader because, to be honest, I wanted more dependable romance in my books, and that wasn't the line's focus. But I'm sorry that readers who liked the sorts of books Bombshell authors delivered so ably won't have those books to read in the future, and I'm sorry for the authors who found their voices in that line and now have to figure out where to go next.

So, be kind to your local Bombshell author--he or she needs a little extra TLC these days.

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