Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hot Enough Fer Ya?

Man, it's hot here. In fact, I'm going to blame my blog laziness on the heat and humidity.

I did post on the Romance Magicians blog today, on the topic of anti-heroes as romantic heroes. My current WIP features an anti-hero hero, and we've already discussed my fondness for Sawyer on LOST and Steve Johnson on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, two anti-heroes if there ever were anti-heroes. But turning an anti-hero into a viable romantic hero takes a little finesse. I share some of my thoughts on the topic on today's blog. Check it out.

Still no word from my editor on DANGEROUS PURSUIT. And I'm currently at an impasse on DEADLY ILLUSION, as I failed to actually plot out the final climax and resolution of the story beforehand, and I still have no clue what happens. Hopefully I'll break through when it cools down here a bit and I can think straight.

(Yeah, I'm blaming writer's block on the heat, too. Handy thing, a heat wave).

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