Monday, May 30, 2005

The Joy of Meeting a Quota

I'm 27 pages into my new WIP after three days of writing. I met my quota for today (check here for my Excel Spreadsheet Writing Plan explanation) and I'm starting to get comfortable in the skin of the story, if that makes sense. I'm learning all sorts of interesting things about the characters, even though I had already done a lot of backstory character work before I started writing. It's not been as easy as my last manuscript, Wild Card, which flowed from my fingers like magic, but it's moving at a decent clip, and I have a fairly clear idea where I'm going for the next few chapters, at least.

I've finished chapter one--do I dare try entering it in a contest before I'm a whole lot closer to the finish line? I've been burned that way before--got a request for a full that I wasn't able to deliver for over year.

Maybe I can shoot for something with a mid-July postmark date. I'm going to try to have the first draft finished by then.


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