Friday, March 24, 2006

Golden Friday

Yup, today's the day Golden Heart calls go out!

I'm no longer eligible, but I have so many friends with entries out there that I'm almost as nervous as if I'd entered the contest myself. So, best of luck to all of you who entered.

I also have several friends who entered the Rita, RWA's published author award. I fell between the cracks this year--not eligible for the GH OR the Rita. Maybe next year. Meanwhile, good luck to all my published friends who entered.

If you want to keep up with the GH & Rita finalists real time, or want to report a final so the rest of us can know about your good news, Melynda Beth Skinner is keeping a tally again this year.


The GH and Rita finalists are up on the RWA website! Congrats to my cyberfriends Dianna Love Snell, Shane Bolks and Stef Feagan for their Rita nominations, and Mary Fechter, Trish Milburn, Tawny Weber, Robin Perini, Linda Rooks, Laurie Kellogg, Stacey Riemer and Anna Sugden for their Golden Heart nominations.

Best of luck to you all!

1 comment:

MaryF said...

Thanks, Paula!!!! Hope you get the first book Rita nod next year!