Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, finished my tax returns. I need to call my broker to see what I need to do about putting some money into my IRA before the deadline so the tax return I just signed is correct, but at least I actually have money to contribute to the poor IRA this year. It's actually an IRA set up over a decade ago when I was with a different advertising agency. My current agency doesn't offer a pension plan, and to this point, I've just been staying ahead of the bill man every month, so the only increase in my IRA was interest and dividends. Thanks to my book advance, I actually have a little money to contribute this year.

Of course, the book advance also made my taxes a little more complicated, thanks to the self-employment tax. I was already filing a schedule C for my freelance graphic design work, but the extra money added a layer of complexity to filing my taxes.

You'd think the nation that put the first man on the moon could come up with a less bloated tax system.

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