Sunday, April 23, 2006

Difficult Weekend

My oldest cat, Chunk, the love of my life, is going downhill. She's only sixteen, but she's had thyroid trouble for the past couple of years, and over the past three or four days, she's deteriorated quickly. My mom's taking her to the vet again tomorrow morning. The doctor will probably do tests to see if she has diabetes, too, and then we'll have some decisions to make.

If he doesn't think she'll get significantly better than she is now, even with treatment, I can't let her go on this way. She's tottery, has lost interest in food or socializing, and it's just no life for a cat. It will break my heart, but seeing her the way she is has already broken it, so what's a few more tears? At least she'll be at rest.

So, y'all be thinking of me and my cat tomorrow. I'll post an update when I know more.


Jen said...

Oh, Paula, I'm so sorry. I know that's so hard. I've had to do this lovely task a couple of times and I really hated it. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Paula said...

Thanks, Jen. I've been through this twice in the past couple of years already with other cats I had forever, and between my mom, my sister and me, we have three more cats over the age of 14, plus a ten-year-old dog with arthritis and other ailments, so I guess we'll be doing this again and again for a while.

It's all part of having a pet, I'm afraid.