Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh No He DINT!

I don't normally Idol-blog. It's not something I'm proud of watching or anything. But I just have to say this...

Excuse me, Mr. Simon "My tight T-shirt cuts off the circulation to my brain" Cowell...but that Keith Urban song you just dissed was written by Mr. Rodney Crowell, who has more musical talent (and sense) in the fingertip of his little finger than you have in your whole swelled head. Normally, I'm with you on about all of your judgments, Simon...but you have no business judging Country Music night when you obviously don't have a clue what Country Music is all about.

By the way, Simon has been right about most of the song choices on this particular American Idol episode. Um, Taylor, baby, I was expecting something like "Desperado" or one of the half a freakin' billion bluesy country songs out there. Not "Country Road, Take Me Home," which was old and stale THIRTY YEARS AGO. What were you THINKING??? That's the song I taught myself to play guitar with...when I was EIGHT.

Mandisa singing Shania is just wrong. On a bad day, Mandisa makes Shania sound like a karaoke queen. She has the pipes to sing the stew out of a Trisha Yearwood or Martina McBride power ballad. I'd have paid money to hear her do "Georgia Rain" or "Independence Day."

Ace, Paris, Bucky, Kellie, Chris and Katharine all chose good songs. Props for that. Elliot continues to impress.

Still shaking my head over Taylor's choice, though. Let's hope it doesn't get him kicked off the show. That would be a shame.


Jill Monroe said...

Paula - would you think less of me if you found out I find Simon Cowell HOT!!!

But, I will admit he and I didn't see eye-to-eye last night.

I did expect more out of Bucky.

Paula said...


I can totally see thinking Simon's hot. He certainly has the confidence thing going for him. And about 99% of the time, I agree with his judgments on the performances.

But when it comes to country music, he seriously needs to be pummeled with a clue bat. I'm a life-long fan of country music, and Simon doesn't get it at all.

(And really, a guy who's made his fame by discovering and handling boy bands? Not much room for musical snobbery there, Simon).

He got on my bad side last week for slamming a great Sara Evans song, "Suds in the Bucket" (which, granted, Kellie phoned in), and this week, he's dissin' a song written by Rodney Crowell. RODNEY CROWELL! Sheesh.

On country night, shut your yap, Simon.

I agree about Bucky, although I do love the song he sang. He just didn't do it much justice.

And again--Taylor? "Country Road, Take Me Home"??? Oy.