Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just Dribs and Drabs

A few things that have occurred to me over the past couple of days.

1) I don't have a problem with President Weenie on 24 being behind a lot of the bad stuff going on. Sometimes great evil comes not out of strength but out of weakness. However, I'm having a lot of trouble buying that a guy like RoboCop would actually kill innocent people to protect President Weenie.

2) Who's idea was Queen night on American Idol???

3) The first season of Nashville Star was great. The subsequent seasons have gone downhill. Now we're stuck with Wynonna Judd and Cowboy Troy as the cohosts, and the show couldn't even manage to get three judges to agree to judge each night, so they have a guest host each week. And I swear, if Wynonna does any more of her WomynPower schtick or calls one more woman "sister-friend," I may explode. Yeah, we get it. Women are powerful and awesome and have a right to seek their dreams. Now shut up and let the contestants sing, please! (On the up side, the contestants each year have been pretty darned good. And I rather like Phil Vassar, one of the judges).

4) I had a dream the other night where I conflated Tom Amandes of Everwood with Hugh Laurie of House, MD. Apparently I have a thing for sarcastic, dyspeptic TV doctors.


MaryF said...

Oh, funny! I just blogged about TV too!

Queen night was awful, wasn't it? I thought Taylor and Paris did all right. My son, a huge Queen fan, cringed all the way through.

I'm not wild about the Logan twist in 24, though.

Paula said...

The Logan twist is just so...bizarre. I mean, he's such a doofus---how are we supposed to believe he can be behind so much of this craziness? I mean, how'd he keep from peeing his pants?

Bee-ryan said...

I feel you on the Wynonna thing. With the combination of Wynonna and Cowboy Troy, I almost could not watch the show. Thank God for the singing! That's what the show is about, right? I don't particularly care for the rotating guests judges. Who knows if they have been keeping up? Anyway, what happens when these contestants win? Does anyone know what happened to Erika Jo?