Tuesday, January 05, 2010

4 1/2 Stars - "Wonderfully romantic and beautifully written..."

Cataromance gave CASE FILE: CANYON CREEK, WYOMING a great review. I particularly love the quote I put above in the headline. I hope they like CHICKASAW COUNTY CAPTIVE as well.

Speaking of reviews, if you've read any of my books and would like to leave a review on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million or any of the other online bookstores that allow reviews, I would love it. I love to hear what people think about my books, for one thing. Good, bad or otherwise. And I've heard that publishing companies do pay attention to which authors are creating a buzz online through reviews and the like. Apparently I'm not very buzzy at the moment. ;)

Finally, in case I haven't reminded you lately, both CASE FILE: CANYON CREEK, WYOMING and CHICKASAW COUNTY CAPTIVE are available now for purchase at eHarlequin.com. Amazon.com is also already shipping CASE FILE. And a week from today, CASE FILE should be in bookstores everywhere. I'm hoping, though not expecting, that my sales for the first week will be good enough to get me on the Borders bestseller list. It would be my first time on the list, though my last book got pretty close.


Kea said...

I really enjoyed Hannah's and Riley's story, particularly that she saved HERSELF--repeatedly. A gutsy heroine for certain.

I only hoped Riley wasn't still wearing his wedding ring at the end of the book! :-O

Chambers35 said...

Hmmm.....I believe there is a book purchase in my future this week....:)

Anonymous said...

It looks like this book is linked to 'Cowboy Alibi'???

Are any of your other back titles linked to these new ones?

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Kea, I meant to have a scene where Riley ceremonially removes the ring to symbolize his readiness to move on with Hannah. But I ran out of real estate (60K words is short!) so I hoped the whole flying across country to get his woman back thing would suffice. :)

Anonymous, yes Cowboy Alibi and Case File, Canyon Creek, Wyoming are linked. Riley, the hero of my January book, had a bit part in Cowboy Alibi.

As for links to my first three books, there aren't any in this one or in February's book, but I do have a secondary character from Forbidden Touch pop up in One Tough Marine, coming out in August of 2010. And in the September book, Bachelor Sheriff, I establish that Gossamer Ridge, Alabama is one county over from the town of Borland, which was the setting of my first book, Forbidden Territory. Who knows, we might get to see what Lily and McBride are doing these days.

Kea said...

Oh, flying across the country would do it for me. LOL. I only thought of the ring after the fact. REALLY enjoyed the book, Paula--ring scene or no ring scene. :-)

I do notice that for quite some time now (a year, more?) there has been a decrease in allowed words/pages. I can only imagine how much more challenging that is for a writer!

I've got Feb's book on order, hope it arrives soon!

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome review! Congratulations - I'll make sure my local bookstore gets it in stock :)