Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitten Update!

This one's for Kea. :)

First up, Cody, pretending to be a sweet potato in the veggie basket on the counter.

He's not supposed to be on the counter, and mostly we do try to keep him off with the water bottle treatment (they so hate being sprayed). But he's so cute in the basket, I didn't have the heart to pull out the water bottle and shoo him away.

Next up, Mac.

Now that's the life. Lying on the Snuggie, dreaming about chasing things—what more could a little kitty want?

They're getting huge. Well, huge for kittens. Mac weighs over 5 pounds now, and Cody's close to that. We're getting close to time to neuter, I'm afraid. My babies aren't babies anymore! ::sniffle::


Kea said...

Aw, Paula, they are gorgeous. And oh, how they've grown! They have a wonderful life now, thanks to you.

As for the neutering...snip, snip and it's done. :-D

Thanks so much for the update and pics!


Jemi Fraser said...

Great photos - they sure are cuties :)