Saturday, January 23, 2010

Novel Talk Author Spotlight

Guess who's one of the spotlight authors this month on NovelTalk?
I'm trying to be really conscientious about getting out and about online over the next couple of months to make sure people remember I have new books out. It's been over a year since my last book, COWBOY ALIBI, came out (September 2008). I had nothing out in 2009, unless you count the free book I posted to my website. (And by the way, if you haven't read it yet, it's still up on my website, so feel free to give it a look). So there are going to be readers who don't remember who I am, even if they enjoyed my first four books.
I'm so grateful to have people following this blog who actually care what I have to say. I hope you'll tell your friends and family—anyone who enjoys mysteries and romance, really—about my books and this blog. Or send them to my website. I don't have vast funds at my disposal to buy advertising, so I'm really having to depend on family, friends and my online pals to help me get the word out.
I also want to remind y'all that I could use some reviews on,, etc. Maybe you do reviews on eHarlequin and would like to tackle my lastest series, or even some of my backlist. I don't even mind if you didn't like the book that much and want to say so . I appreciate the honest criticism and hope to learn what I can do better.
You could also link to some of my posts on your own blogs. (And be sure to let me know if you have your own blog. I'm always looking for blog inspiration, as you know, and I'm more than happy to link to an interesting blog post, as it saves me from having to be all original and smart myself!)
But enough of the unsightly begging. How are y'all doing this fine Saturday morning?


Kea said...

I think it just takes time to build your base, Paula. I think the more you can do via the internet the better. What about interviews in local newspapers? Offering to do a reading at a local bookstore? Maybe you need a catch, a gimmick. Beats me, I'm not in PR or advertising! But I used to follow Suzanne McMinn's blog when she first was transitioning from author to her self-sustaining life in the country. I know it took off, big time, but I haven't followed it in a long time now. I'm sure there are a lot of people, specifically authors, from whom you could get ideas. Okay, okay, I'm not "sure" about this, but it sounds like it has merit. LOL.

Kea said...

BTW, how are Cody and Mac doing? You need updated pics on your web site. Heh.

I've recently discovered a slew of cat blogs via the Cat Blogosphere, and now blogging, plus following a zillion blogs, is taking over my life. Could someone pay me my current salary to do this? LOL!

Paula said...

Kea, the sad thing is, my day job is actually at an advertising agency! I do know how it's done. I just have a mental block about it when it comes to promoting myself. I always feel like I'm bragging or bothering people, which I know I need to get over, because who's going to toot your horn if you don't, right? But it's hard!

I want to provide better content, too, on my blog. I have to avoid politics, for obvious reasons, and I generally don't get too deep into religion, for equally obvious reasons. Not everybody who reads my blog is another writer, so I don't want to do writing articles all the time. And I have only 6 books in print, so far, and half of those are hard to find now, so it's not like I could hold a blog reading group or anything.

And I know you love the kittens (and really, who wouldn't), but I don't want to become a cat blog. Well, I kind of do, but I don't think that would really accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish here. LOL!

I'll try to post a kitten update, Kea. In fact, Mac is lying right here on the Snuggie I got for Christmas. That would make a cute pic, no?

EllenToo said...

Paula~~you reminded me of something I could do for authors whose books I really enjoy (now if it will just stick in my mind). I have written reviews on Harlequin on all of the books I read and all I'd really have to do is go to Amazon and B&N and write a review for the books on them also. I have done so for several authors. As far as your blog goes I don't have any great ideas for that but I do know when I read author's blogs I like to know what they are up to and about any new books they have (or are)writing.