Friday, February 12, 2010

Blogging a couple of places today

In the spirit of a couple of my past blogs on the Intrigue Authors' blog on eHarlequin, I'm interviewing Kristen Tandy, the heroine of my February Intrigue, Chickasaw County Captive. Kristen has quite the tragic history, and in the interview, I touch on some of her past as well as ask her some personal questions that may illuminate more about her character.

Have you read Chickasaw County Captive? Would you like to know more about Kristen and her relationship with Sam, Maddy, her detective partner or anything else? Drop by the comments and ask her some questions yourself. I'll be giving away a free Barnes & Noble gift card or your choice of any book from my backlist that I have available.

Also, at some point today, I'll have a blog post up on the Writerspace blog. The topic of that one is "A Few of my Favorite Themes"—the themes I go back to again and again in my books. I think the themes you choose is part of your voice as a writer. The ones I list tell you a lot about me, and about the kinds of books I write.

I could be wrong, but I think I'm giving away books on this one, too. (Some of these guest blog posts are becoming a blur!)

UPDATE: The Writerspace blog post is also up now. No comments yet. :(

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