Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogging on Intrigue Authors today

At the Intrigue Authors Blog on eHarlequin, I interview Sam Cooper, the hero of my February Intrigue, Chickasaw County Captive. Drop by and ask the hunky district attorney and single dad a few questions of your own.

People seem to enjoy this little behind the scenes peek at the characters in my books. I enjoy writing them--I learn all kinds of interesting things about my characters doing these interviews that I didn't know before.

Hmm, perhaps I should do more of these interviews before I write the book. Ya think? :)

And here's my blogging/appearance (but mostly blogging) schedule for next week:

2/24/10 - Wednesday Writers Workshop on S & L

2/25/10 - Blog on Intrigue Authors Blog

2/26/10 - Blog on WritteninInk Blog

2/27/10 - Author panel at Southern Magic meeting

It's a fairly light week for me; I'll also be trying to drop in a few posts here on Spinsters and Lunatics, but I'll mostly be recovering from this weekend. Which sounds as if this weekend is going to be more fun that it will be. ;) I just finished the rough drafts of my next proposal, a trilogy to finish up the Cooper Justice series. If all goes as planned, the last three Cooper Justice books should come out back to back to back, probably around April, May and June of 2011. Right now, my critique partner has the proposal and is supposed to get back to me by early Sunday evening so I can make all the edits and get it printed out and packaged to send by Monday.

Why by Monday? Well, see, that's what the rest of my weekend will be devoted to: edits. I got the copy edits back on One Tough Marine yesterday, and I have to get them in the mail on Monday to meet the deadline for when my editor needs them back. Fortunately, there aren't a lot of edits, so it shouldn't take that long. Maybe I'll even get a little recreational reading in this weekend. Who knows?

Perhaps I need to do a Wednesday Writers Workshop post on finding balance between writing and life. If I ever figure out how that works...

Anyway, if you're anywhere close to the Birmingham, Alabama area on Saturday the 27th, drop by the Homewood Library around noon and ask where to find the Southern Magic Writers' meeting. The Author's Panel should be great--several terrific local authors will be speaking, including young adult author Jennifer Echols; Harlequin Presents authors Lynn Ray Harris and Kimberly Lang, both of whom recently made the USA Today bestsellers list; suspense author Laura Hayden, who co-wrote the First Daughter series with Susan Ford, bestselling romantic suspense author Christy Reece, Ellora's Cave debut author Niama Simone, and Southern Cousins mystery writer Peggy Webb. And I'll be on the panel as well, thrilled to be surrounded by such fabulous writers. If you can make it, bring your copy of any of my books and I'll be happy to autograph them.

Now, back to work. Gonna be a long weekend.

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