Friday, February 12, 2010


I was skeptical that we'd get snow today, despite the forecasts, because our last "snow event" was such an epic failure.

I was wrong. We have about 1.5" out there right now, and there may be a little more before it finally blows out of here later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, some pics!

Tree in my back yard

More trees in my back yard

Snow on the camellias

Looking out across my back yard at the street below

My niece made a snow angel on the deck

See how much snow is on the deck railing?

Yeah, I know it's hardly the blizzard of 2010 like all y'all in the mid-Atlantic got, but for Alabama, this is a nice little snow.


Kea said...

The pictures are lovely!

Here in Ontario we've had hardly any snow at all so far this winter. And while 1.5 inches would be negligible for us, it would be a huge event for you. I'm sure you don't have salt trucks and sanders at the ready! Best to stay off the roads, I imagine, until it's melted, and enjoy it from a safe spot indoors. :-)

P.S. Boy, am I ever glad I don't live along the Atlantic seaboard. LOL.

Jemi Fraser said...

Pretty - love the snow angel :) enjoy!

EllenToo said...

Loved the pictures but that is as close as I wish to get to snow. Hope the camellias survived the cold. Nice snow angel your niece made.