Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Downside of Kittens

The little critters have chewed through the cords of both of my sets of earphones over the last week.

Also, though this isn't necessarily a downside, both of the kittens love Jell-o. Is that weird?


Kea said...

I've been lucky so far in that none of mine has ever chewed through any cords/wires. The cat from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation comes to mind....

As for the jello--how bizarre! But entertaining!


Paula said...

We've managed to keep them away from power cords, but I sometimes listen to music while I write (or, in this case, pre-write--I'm in the middle of plotting my next three books so I can give my editor a proposal by the first of March). Anyway, I was sitting there, totally focused on my work, barely aware of the kitten sitting on my knee, when suddenly the sound on one earphone went out. I looked down and Mac was gnawing on the wire. Fortunately, I had an extra pair of earphones that went with that particular set (the head-strap that holds them had broken, but the earphones themselves were still good), so I just switched them out.

The next day, I was doing the same thing--just listening to music and working, with kittens running here and there. I barely noticed one of the kittens settle on my knee, and oops. A few seconds later, there goes the sound. It was Cody this time, and he did the same darned thing.

Today's odd kitten culinary obsession: strawberries. Mother was eating strawberries and Cody insisted on sharing.

Valerie Oakleaf said...

Paula, last week I bought my kittens one of those scratch pads that you can unzip in the back and put catnip in and then spread around for smell...Holy Cow...kittens on CRACK! I laughed for an hour at them before I looked at their eyes and realized they were so blown from being high that I couldn't even tell what color they were supposed to be. Promptly took the scratch pad outside and shook out the catnip but it was funny to see while it was still there.
Kittens are SUCH fun!